Man Behind the Curtain

Terry Mills


I got to thinking one day how obsession is a lot like Dorothy and the Wizard - she does everything trying to please the Wizard, thinking he had the power to change her life, WHEN HE NEVER HAD IT!   She and her friends had it all along.




You got me running from the monkeys and fightin with the talking trees

You got me sleepin in the poppies and wakin with a sense of unease

I got to get the broomstick from the witch of the west

And Glenda seems allright, but she’s a witch nonetheless

And I’ve lost my bearings and I don’t know what it all means.



But he tells me, “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

The dude that’s operating all those levers and knobs

Keep your eyes straight ahead on the smoke and the lightning

On the one who holds your future, He is the wizard of Oz.”


Now I’m looking all around me, and what’s this motley crew?

They all seem quite disabled, and no one seems to have a clue

Look here, they got no brains, no heart, no guts, no glory

But that’s the most interesting part of this story

The sum of their grace is greater than what I can do.       CHORUS



Now I’m trembling in the castle all weak at the knees

I finally got it right, I’m gonna get some relief

But that stupid dog is barking, and he tears at the scheme

And the smoke starts to clear; And my eyes start to see



I think I better pay more attention; it’s just a man behind that curtain

Creating that illusion with all those levers and knobs

Keep my feet on the ground, ‘cause God is in His heaven, yeah

I’m taking my future

My friends are here to help

Sic em Toto, he ain’t no wizard of Oz.