Noel Y'all

Terry Mills


My viewpoint of Christmas was getting too sanitized, and I was getting depressed too often during the holidays.  This song was a gift to me to remind me how chaotic the first Christmas was.





They headed northeast to another old West Texas town

They caught the headwind of a blue norther front rollin down

Lupe y Paulo in one Chevrolet, wrecked and old

Polluting the air with its blackening, oil burning smoke


Now it’s never a good time to get the immigration’s call

And with Lupe’s condition it made it hard for them to travel at all

But their green cards and documentation had to be in fine order

‘Cause that’s the price you pay when you live this side of the border


Now the car overheated and Paolo looked for a mechanic

And Lupe’s water broke, and she bit her lip, trying to fight back the panic

In the service bay of the station, her contractions came steady

And Paolo yelled out, “Call 911, mi esposa, she’s ready!”


Now the sun was rising by the time the baby finally came

And I sincerely hope that I don’t have to tell you His name

It’s good to remember, He entered by the water and the blood

And in poverty’s disguise, He moved into our neighborhood.