Robin Song

Terry Mills


True story - I was recovering from surgery - one of the first times I had been out and I saw this lovely flock of robins - never saw them congregating before - never have since.




Driving home one afternoon this is what I saw

A meeting of the robins down at Sulphur Draw

Accidentally saw them when I turned my head

Milling about in their vests of red


            They numbered about twenty-five

            Never saw that many together

            They don’t fit the flocking paradigm

            Regarding birds of a feather


Shuffling around like wallflowers at a dance in junior high

None of them looking at the other; All quite nervous and shy

And I am quite captivated, so I pull over to the side

It was all very solemn, there was no hobnobbing

Who called this meeting of 25 robins?





Maybe the elders are taking a turn

Showing the youngins how to catch a worm

Maybe they’re officially declaring the opening of spring

It’s all elemental, not coincidental

On the morning thereafter I heard one sing


I’m just telling you what I saw

A meeting of the robins down at Sulphur Draw